Frequently Asked Questions

 Fleet Vehicle Disposal

Q – – If my fleet goes to auction must I sell it regardless of what price it brings?

A –That depends on the type of auction. Absolute Auction – it must be sold. Auction Subject to Reserve – if it doesn’t
achieve a certain predetermined price – no sale. Upon completion of the appraisal process you will have a very good
idea of the value of your asset(s).

Q – – What is the process for getting rid of my vehicle(s)?


  • Appraisal
  • Evaluating and agreeing on which avenue of disposal best fits your need.
  • Pick-Up / Removal
  • Payment is issued

Q — How much does this service cost?

A — $0 to $250 per unit, plus expenses (eg. Transportation, De-identification, Reconditioning, etc….)

Q — How long will the evaluation process take?

A —A custom solution can be prepared in 24 hours or less.

Q — What if money is still owed on my vehicle or the lease is still active?

A — We negotiate with banks and leasing companies and make all payoffs.

The professional Automobile Dealers and Auctioneers at Fleet vehicle Disposal are happy to answer any questions you have.

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